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Mike Sox
P. O. Box 280631
Columbia, SC 29228-0631
United States

Hi. I'm Mike Sox. This is both my audio and video recording business information site and also my personal page. If you are interested in my recording, editing and duplication services including audio CD production, please send a message to the address above. Of a personal nature, this is a picture of me taken in September 1999 in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park on the Tennessee/North Carolina border. Below are links to some of my photographs taken in places I've visited during the past few years. My photography is just a hobby, not a profession. Use the links below to be taken to my various pages of photographs.

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The Southeast US Mountains:
Other Outdoor Photos in the US:
England and France:
New Years 2000 in London:
My January 2000 Winter in SC Page:
St. Petersburg Russia - June 2000 :
Kiev Ukraine - May 2005 :

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